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Gunnella and
a strong connection
(updated December 25, 2006)

Afi og amma / My Grandparents
The Memory House
Gunnella's Grandparent's Home

A Moment with Grandmother (2000)

Óli and
Grandmother Guðrún
In A Moment with Grandmother Gunnella's little brother Óli is peeking in from the corner while Gunnella's grandmother Guðrún teaches Gunnella to knit. The house in the background is significant because that is her grandparent's home, a home that holds fond memories for Gunnella.
In the summer of 2004 Gunnella stopped by to meet the current owners. Of course the house has changed, but the memories remain and can be seen in Gunnella's paintings.
After a visit inside, Gunnella stopped to enjoy just being there once again, sitting in that same yard that she had played in as a child. A walk across the street and she was visiting the store, now a home, that she had gone to so many years ago.
Inside Gunnella found ladies to unhurriedly remember the past while stopping for coffee. She also found the very same store counter, still there after all these years.
This is the counter where Gunnella placed her coins to buy her childhood treats, and the very same hook that holds up the drop-down counter still works.
Across the street, Gunnella sees the remains of a small foundation next to a clothes line. It is the location of a doll house where she once played.
There are more memories to be painted that came from this home (above), and they will be. Gunnella has a strong connection to Siglufjörður. She now has a seasonal home in another part of Siglufjörður where she can continue to paint here in the town of her memories.
Brother Stefan, Gunnella and their Grandmother Guðrún will likely appear in a work-in-progress, (right.)

The connection with Siglufjörður was strengthened even more last summer.
In July of 2005 during the Herring Days Festival, Gunnella had an exhibit in the town hall gallery.

She met many old friends, and even got to share the children's book she has illustrated with her paintings, The Problem with Chickens / Hænur eru hermikrákur, published in the US and Iceland in September 2005.

Stækka / Enlarge
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Enginn hræðist lengur Tröllin í fjöllunum

No One is Afraid of the Trolls in the Mountains Anymore
One seasonal resident of Siglufjörður purchased this painting that will likely remain in their Siglufjörður home. Perhaps you can see why they bought this particular painting.
Two Icelandic painters, Ragnar Páll and Gunnella, get to chat during Herring Days.
Stækka / Enlarge
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In this painting the old folks happily dance on the docks in the moonlight while thinking of the past boomtown days in Siglufjörður, those bustling herring fishing days. Notice that the only ones getting drunk are the chickens.

Meanwhile, the Herring Days Festival goes on.
Það gæti gerst aftur
Partying with Memories of Days Gone By

Siglufjörður July 2006. Note the snow in the mountains.
There is always time in 2006 to visit with old neighbors and revisit the past, as well as stop by the local art gallery and visit with new friends (below).
There is always time in 2006
to visit with the
Siglufjörður Icelandic horses.
There is always time to stop and feed the horses.
Siglufjörður Evening View in August 2004
© 2005, Bruce McMillan
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