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Siglufjörður Reception
October 2008

In 2008 Gunnella was granted permission to live in the Siglufjörður Artist Residence (www.herhusid.com). There she painted her memories in the town she knows so well. Her grandest painting to come out of this month-long residence is Life Goes On. These are the people of Siglufjörður who came to her reception exhibition at the end of her stay. These are the faces of Iceland that populate Gunnella's art.


The Icelandic Minister of Communications and his wife
in front of Life Goes On
This painting is on loan and displayed in his government office.

Life Goes On

Hugljúfir hljómar frá Herhúsinu /
Heavenly Songs from the Herhúsið

30 cm x 15 cm / 12" x 6"