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Gunnella Meets a US Book Tour
July, 23, 2007
Þjóðmenningarhúsið / The Culture House,
Hverfisgata 15, Reykjavík.

The International Children's Literature Book Tour
from Salisbury University, Salisbury, Maryland, US,
led by
Dr. Ernest Bond and Dr. Patricia Dean, tour leaders

The Book Tour Web Site

This is a twenty-five day book tour to meet children's authors,
illustrators and translators in the US, Iceland,
Denmark, Germany, Austria, Poland, and Sweden.
They gathered for the first stop on their tour
in Reykjavík. They got a preview Gunnella's
next book, Hvernig konurnar stöðvuðu blásturinn,
How the Ladies Stopped the Wind
heard about others in the making.

The three people who make these Icelandic books spoke,
Hænur eru hermikrákur,
(The Problem with Chickens)
Hvernig konurnar stöðvuðu blásturinn,
(How the Ladies Stopped the Wind).
Gunnella, painter, left,
Bruce McMillan, author, center, and
Sigurður A. Magnusson, translator, right

Bruce, then Gunnella, and then Sigurður, spoke
to the children's book audience
on the morning of July 23, 2007.
Gunnella charmed the audience with her
candid and eloquent comments about her painting.
She piqued their interest and answered questions
from the participants who were already in awe of her art,
and subsequently her.

Among the many topics she mentioned,
Gunnella told of her roots, and
how her grandmother and her childhood visits to her
grandmother's home in the north of Iceland,
in Siglufjörður, influence what she paints today.
"I paint from my memories."

Bruce and Gunnella signed books for the US scholars and teachers.
Left to right,
Lutisia "Tish" Merrick, US book tour participant,
Gunnella, painter, Bruce McMillan, author, and
Terri Golden, US book tour participant

After lunch they listened to
three other Icelandic children's
authors and illustrators speak.
Page text by Bruce McMillan
Photos by various participants and Dr. Ernie Bond